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Happy New Year! Issue 75 - January 2021

Industry Influencer 75 issue January 2021


The Industry Influencer Magazine is dedicated to digital branding. We help locally-owned brands, just like yours, leverage the power of the Internet and digital mediums; to develop, grow and build brand equity. Below are blog posts relative to this issue. To the right is a task list to implement the strategies also found in this issue.  Get in the conversation. Head over to the Industry Influencer Facebook group for questions, comments, suggestions. 

Blog Posts

Digital Marketing vs Digital Branding

Digital branding is about providing value to customer's in order to build deeper and more meaningful relationships Digital marketing is the process of positioning your brand as your customer's obvious choice so they say "yes" and accept your offer. Our team is here ready to assist you. Are you ready?

Task List

Task 1

Optimize your "About" section on Facebook Fan Page - contact details

Task 2

Complete the "Our Story"

Task 3

Add team member profiles

Task 4

Create & link Facebook group

Task 5

Increase customer engagement by responding to comments 

Task 6

Create & implement a Messenger | Chatbot plan

Task 7

Review and apply applicable content marketing strategies

Task 8

Think of ways to humanize your content.

Task 9

Write the story of your brand

Task 10

Create a communication channel for your customers

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