Successful brands are built from the inside out. Your brand audit will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the health of your brand, thereby giving you a reflection of the viability of your company.

Personal Brand? See our Industry Influencer Brand Audit is designed for individual brands too. Let's check to see if your identity is attracting your followers and your message is connecting and your brand is building long-term relationships.

Are You Struggling to Connect with Your Buyers?

  • Not attracting enough customers?
  • Not connecting with the right customers?
  • Not enough customer referrals?
  • Not able to price your products to compete?
  • Not enough return buyers?
  • Not earning enough revenue?
  • Not satisfied or fulfilled?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be in need of a brand audit click the button below for see what's included in the Industry Influencer Brand Audit. 

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What is a brand audit? Click the TAKE A TOUR button above to see how we study and evaluate your strategic outlook and identify gaps in your branding.

The Industry Influencer Brand Audit Reveals Your Brand's TRUE Position & Meaning

It Describes & Evaluates the Current State of Your Brand's Effectiveness to Reach Your Business Goals

Callahan is here to audit your brand to increase awareness and revenue

A brand audit is effectively a health check of the brand to identify and address areas in your business that need your attention.  A brand analysis gives you the insight to turn things around and grow your bottom line.

Brands are like living entities with life cycles. In the beginning, your brand starts with much excitement and promise; it develops and grows and subsequently plateaus. It's at this mature stage of evolvement, when your offer, potentially start to lose relevance. If your brand fails to continue to resonate with your ideal buyers, they may gravitate to other providers - your competition.

Additionally, a brand audit helps you monitor this cycle so you keep your brand fresh, relevant and in the lead. It confirms when it's time to reinvent, revive and invigorate your brand identity and image, before (or to stop) revenue loss.

A robust, consistent brand means you spend less money attracting new customers. It motivates return buyers, who will also happily send you referrals. It will convert buyers into a tribe of brand advocates. This new tribe is critical to your business success because their brand loyalty directly increases brand awareness, and your revenue.

Andrea Callahan's Industry Influencers Brand Audit
  • Andrea Callahan's signature Industry Influencer brand audit
  • Industry Influencer brand audit 4 step process
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - internal process
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - external process
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  • Andrea Callahan's signature Industry Influencer brand audit
  • Industry Influencer brand audit 4 step process
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - internal process
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - external process

Do I Really Need a Brand Audit?

Ask yourself, does your brand represent the heart and soul of your business?

Can you answer the following questions with authority...

  • Vision - What is your intention for your business?
  • Mission - What's your birds-eye view? What's your legacy?
  • Values - What does it stand for?
  • Identity - What business are you in? What's your niche?
  • Differentiation - What is your unique selling proposition? Why you? What's different about your offers?
  • Promise - What hopes, dreams and desires does your offer satisfy?
  • Solution - What problems or need does your offer solve?
  • Benefit - What are your core business strengths & advantages?
  • Position - Are you a leader in the marketplace? Your industry? Among competitors?
  • Motivation - What compels people to buy and use your brands products and services?
  • Characteristics - What characterizes the way you sell and provide your service ?
  • Culture - Do you have a following, a tribe and loyal. dedicated repeat buyers?
Do I really need a brand audit? Is a brand audit worth the money?
What is a brand audit?

Reconnect & Reunite –  Get to Know Your Brand Again

Movers-and-shakers just like you understand this is a valuable investment for the evolution or revolution of your brand - and ultimate business success.

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Your brand audit will give you unique insights into your both your brand's impact and performance.

TAKE A TOUR: Click the button above to SEE WHAT YOU GET with a brand audit. Check out the FAQ to get your questions answered.

Organizations with a healthy brand are more profitable with increased overall company value. A healthy strong brand enables you to command premium rates; ensure customer preference in buying decisions;  build customer loyalty - together each not only reduces the cost of new customer acquisition, but also solidifies your influence in the marketplace.

  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 1
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 2
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 3
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 4
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  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 1
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 2
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 3
  • Industry Influencer brand audit - Step 4

Industry Influencer Brand Audit Step 1

Client Provided Info:

  • Business plan, marketing, AD or PR plan
  • Annual report, marketing research, press releases & marketing communications plans from past three years
  • Biographies and backgrounds from key team members
  • Press kit
  • Sales literature
  • Printed collateral for past three years


 Brand Realty Health Check:

  • Company history
  • Brand & product lines
  • Recent & historical financial information
  • Sales history
  • Share of voice
  • Direct & indirect competition
  • Competitive advertising
  • Competitive spending
  • Competitive strengths & weaknesses

Industry Influencer Brand Audit Step 2

The Brand: Mission, perception, uniqueness, USP, objectives, S.W.O.T., opportunities

  1. Products & services – Essential characteristics, key benefits, perceived disadvantages, strategic planning
  2. Core focus – Identified core competencies, core offers, clearly defined, differentiating focus
  3. Differentiation – primary point of differentiation, buyer clarity, unique performance in market
  4. Brand identity – clear image, key employees/volunteers buy-in, critical point of contacts
  5. Ideal buyer data – target market, ideal buyer key values, attitudes demographics, purchase Influencers, how much brand drives purchase decisions and inspire loyalty
  6. Competition – marketplace brand rank – (locally, regionally, nationally, globally), direct/indirect competitors, market-share percentage, competitors S.W.O.T., differentiation
  7. Trends – Growth outlook, potential threats/opportunities – economy, changing demographics, technology, or new regulations
  8. Customer service experience – customer response to experiences, customer experience strategy, brand reputation, feedback/complaint management
  9. Marketing – approach & objectives, sales barriers, concerns/challenges, clear team roles
  10. Distribution – channels, sales aids, channel experience, process to correct
  11. Marketing communications – purpose, goals, budget, plan
  12. Research – past/current studies, information gaps, new markets, target market, ideal buyer need/desire
  13. Measure of success – tools: marketing success: (sales leads, sales increase, market share, awareness), team success: (leaders, managers, employees)

How the Brand Communicates with it’s Audiences

  1. Customers – prospects, current, lost & loyal buyers
  2. Financial community – shareholders, investors
  3. Editors – local, regional press; blog
  4. Employees – leadership, management, applicants
  5. Opinion leaders – business, civic, pressure groups & grass roots organization
  6. Business partners – suppliers, contractors, collaborators, Influencers
  7. Local community – business associations, non-profit, charities, civic organizations
  8. Regulators – local, state, national, international
  9. Elected officials – city mayors, councils, state executive and legislative leaders, state regulatory officials, federal legislators, federal regulatory officials

Industry Influencer Brand Audit Step 3

Brand Awareness:

  • Unaided awareness of the brand
  • Aided awareness of the brand

Brand Benefits

  • Perceived functional attributes of the brand
  • Perceived rational benefits of the brand
  • Perceived emotional benefits of the brand
  • How the brand compares to the “ideal” attributes in the category

Brand Positioning

  • How customers see the brand as different from other brands
  • How customers see the brand as the best option to meet their need/desire
  • How competition views the brand in the marketplace – is your brand a threat to competitors

Brand Quality

  • Perceived quality of the brand vs. other brands
  • Perceived quality of customer service vs. other brands

Brand Preference

  • Where the brand ranks in customers’ considered set (considered, reject, or neutral)
  • Which brand category are preferred and why

Brand Usage

  • Intent to use or brand vs. other brands
  • Maintaining brand compliance

Brand Loyalty

  • Exclusive use of the brand (vs. other brands)
  • Customers referring or recommending the brand to others
  • How many visible brand advocates
  • Process to analyze conversions

Brand Touch-Points

  • Consistent brand perception in advertising and integrated marketing communications
  • Brand messages consistent with customer experience, (service, sales funnel, distribution channels)

Brand Users

  • Demographics – age, income, education, geography
  • Psychographics – values, beliefs, mission, purpose
  • Sociographics – magazine, shopping, leisure, spiritual
  • Ways of segmenting current and potential markets

Industry Influencer Brand Audit Step 4

The Environment: A review of industry trends, regulatory challenges, and the general health and sustainability of the market in which the brand competes.

The Category: An overview of the brand category represented by the brand, including an assessment of where the brand fits in terms of: awareness, preference, differentiation and usage.

The Brand: An assessment of the current state of the brand, its’ development, market penetration, identifying characteristics, and the benefits to the consumer.

The Consumer: An analysis of current and potential customers buying habits, loyalty, wants, needs and motivations. A deep dive of the brands Ideal Buyer.

The Competition: A definition of direct as well as indirect competition, including relative share of voice, share of market, and the competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of a Brand Audit

Clearer Focus & Vision: Clarify the focus and vision of the brand from both an internal and external perspective

Stronger Competitive Advantage: Better define the brand’s competitive advantages and points of difference

Deeper Customer Understanding: Improve the brand’s understanding of awareness, attitudes, and behavior of current and prospective Ideal Buyer

Communication with Target Market: Develop programs and approaches to communicate effectively with all important audiences of the brand, not just customers – or specifically, the Ideal Buyer

Increase Consistent Messaging: Send clear, concise, consistent messages about the brand in a comprehensive integrated-marketing

Clear Unified Brand Identification:

  • Develop a clearly defined brand identity and enforce compliance among the brand’s operating division
  • Improved collaboration among business units
  • Organize operational and marketing units to work more collaboratively on branding and marketing initiatives
  • Better internal communications
  • Improve the brand’s ability to keep executives clear about the brand vision
  • Improve management’s ability to stay focus on the brand’s goals
  • Keep employees informed about the importance and activities of the brand
  • Collaborate leadership, management, employees and other stakeholders on one accord with brand compliance

Improve Internal Alignment:

  • Provide necessary training and encourage internal behaviors that are consistent with what the brand is trying to accomplishment
  • More marketing accountability
  • Realistically define and prioritize marketing objectives, and measure their accomplishment using a new set of metrics
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At Andrea Callahan International, our goal is support your brand with excellence. We respect your time so we are upfront and transparent with our process and fees. If we decide to work together, we want you to know, plan and expect the amount of your investment, as soon as possible. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect when working with ACI.  It is equally as important so us, that you come to know, plan and expect the highest level of personalized service you will receive from us. After your brand audit, you may receive an invitation to work with us as a Brand Management Client. If we are good fit for you, and vice-versa, we will deliver a comprehensive proposal that will detail your custom-tailored strategy. Sounds fair? Click the button above to see which audit is best for your brand.

If You Are Not Totally Jazzed With Your Results...

I will personally refund your investment. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. When you invest in your business, I invest in your business success. My agency is designed to meet the needs of every guest we serve. Yes, when you are my are my guest; my team and I treat you accordingly. Andrea Callahan teaching Industry Influencers to brand their WHY

Andrea Callahan International branding for Industry Influencer

Understand Branding & Why It's Critical to Your Business Success

Branding vs. Style

Your brand is about so much more than style - although design and culture are equally important. Your brand is more about how your clients perceive your business. It is about how deeply your message resonates with them. The result = a loyal base of cheer-leading repeat buyers!

Your Strategic Brand

Your brand is the foundation of all of your marketing communications. It is undoubtedly the cornerstone of your business' value. Your brand is the key assess that build perceived value; increase margins; makes sales easier and more frequently; and build vital equity in your company.

Brand Uniqueness

Your successful brand will own a unique position in the market. Your unique value proposition (USP), brand promise and brand messaging all necessary ingredients for a dynamic brand strategy. The essence of your brand and the culture it breeds is what makes you the clear winner in your niche.

Marketing Strategy

The natural partner of branding aims to make your company more desirable, more memorable and therefore more profitable. Strategic marketing and a strong brand strategy reinforce your image as well as your reputation - which results in more clients, more products sold and increased revenue! Your marketing strategy must be as unique as you are; laser focused and targeted for maximum success.

Corporate Identity

More than a logo and some fancy logotype. Your graphic identity is essential to your visual branding. Your company's graphics are central ingredients for brand building and increased brand equity. The message delivered by your brand collateral must be consistent, appealing and represent the essence and culture of your business.

Marketing Communications

Implementing the elements of your branding and marketing strategies throughout each of your business' touch-points. Every point of contact your customer may have with your business must exemplify who you are; what you stand for; what you promise to deliver; and why they should choose you.

Internet Marketing

An important arena to display your marketing communications is on the World Wide Web. That presence must be thoughtfully planned with purpose and results driven.  The conversations you have with prospects, current and past clients on your website, email marketing or social media for examples, must coincide and collaborate your brand image, message and promise.

Digital Marketing

Your messaging is critical to your business success. The success of your public relations is dependent upon your Advertisement choices whether on TV or radio. Everything from your Billboard Ads to your press releases must all convey the same message - the spirit of your business - it's essence, culture and assets.

Andrea Callahan's Industry Influencers Brand Audit

"YES! I Should Get An Audit of My Brand!"

"I do want my brand to represent the heart and soul of my business."

I intend and expect...

  • Clearer focus and vision. Clarify the focus and vision of my brand, from both an internal and external perspective.
  • Stronger competitive advantage. Better define my brand’s competitive advantages and points of difference.
  • Deeper customer understanding. Improve the organization's knowledge surrounding our ideal buyer's awareness, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Improve & increase communication with clients who are excited about our products and services.
  • Build relationships in a deep and meaningful way; to foster brand loyalty and equity.

  • Send more consistent messaging about my brand in forms of marketing communications that are best suited for my business & customers..
  • Develop a more unified brand identification.that clearly defines my brand identity; and enforce compliance among all touch-point areas and marketing collateral.
  • Improved internal alignment. Provide training and encourage internal behaviors that are consistent with what the brand's purpose and goals. More marketing accountability.
  • Realistically define and prioritize marketing objectives and measure their accomplishment using a new set of metrics.
  • Ensure my organization's processes, and employees are well-trained to reinforce our brand.


What is a brand audit? +

A brand audit is a thorough examination of your brand's current position in the market compared to its' competitors and a review of its effectiveness.

It helps you determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses of inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement as well as new developments.

Why should I do a brand audit? +

The stronger the brand, the more powerful the business.

A powerful brand can inspire, captivate and engage your audience thereby consequently dramatically increasing your bottom line.

However, even strong brands must pause for a reality check to make sure the health of their brand is consistent, evolving and thriving.

A robust, consistent brand means you spend less money attracting new customers. Your current buyers return more often AND you are able to charge a premium price for your goods and services.

Here's another important thing, a powerful brand also encourages referrals! We all know the power of word-of-mouth is a critical part of your brand ad its profitability.


Will a brand audit help me compete in the market? +

A comprehensive brand often will often reveal new growth opportunities for your brand. It will help you discover new ways to make your brand resonate with both existing AND a new generation of target buyers who will represent your brand's long term future.

A weak, disconnected out of touch brand will gradually see its market shrink failing sales and will ultimately negative impact the overall health of your business.

How will a brand audit help identify both the company viewpoint? +
  • Business/brand resource strengths
  • Value of the brand
  • Awareness of the brand in the market
  • Deficiencies of the brand
  • New trends and market opportunities
  • Outside threats
  • New product development and future channels of profitability
  • Competitive standing in the market
  • Perception, image, reputation and attitude of your brand in the market
  • Effective brand management efforts
What are the deliverables of a brand audit? +

Essentially a brand audit will reveal how the customer perceives the brand, how the brand compares to the competition and how the brand has performed. The outputs typically support:

  1. Improve and refocus brand management efforts and congruency (what we do for you :-))
  2. Enhance internal staff brand awareness
  3. Sharpen marketing communications both on and offline
  4. Provide insight into your brand architecture, business structure and brand portfolio
  5. Evaluate and refocus your brand positioning
  6. Ensure your brand collateral is congruent and delivers return on investment
  7. Provide direction for your brand in the longterm
  8. Secure and grow the value of your brand (and business) through consistent implementation of recommendations derived from the brand audit finding (DIY with guidance or full-service we do it all for you)
How do I know which brand audit is best? +

There are so many components to an actual brand audit, all of them may not be relevant or required to conduct and appropriate evaluation of your brand performance.

The depth and extent of your brand audit is largely determined by the size of your brand, organization, business and market in which you operate?

Key questions for reflection when considering a brand audit include:

  • How profitable is your business right now?
  • How well is the current brand strategy working?
  • What are the company's resource strength and areas of need?
  • What are its external opportunities and threats?
  • How competitive are the business's prices and costs?
  • How strong is the business's competitive position in comparison to your competitors?
  • What strategic issues are facing your business?


What's included in an extensive brand audit? +
  1. Strategic Review
  2. Market Research & Review
  3. Communications & Brand Collateral Review
  4. External Information Research & Review
  5. Employee Research & Interviews
  6. Human Resource Reviews

Are You Ready to Craft a Winning Brand & Catapult Your Business Success?

Time for complimentary brand audit Andrea Callahan InternationalAndrea Callahan International is an East Coast based integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in branding management. You will see the results when you exemplify a brand to attract your target market and craft marketing messages that resonate with your ideal buyer as well implement engagement strategies to convert more buyers.

Maximize your business success by discovering your true brand essence. Stop wasting valuable time and money with unscheduled, unplanned and unreliable marketing techniquesSpeak directly to the prospects who are going to be most excited to hear from you.

You started your business with passion and a purpose, let us show you how to convey that message to the world.

Lets get started today.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

You Want to Make a Move, But Not Sure Which Direction is Best for You?

Do you prefer to be hands-on or would you like to focus on your passion and allow a marketing team to do what they do best?...

Strong brands are more profitable and increase company value. 

Answers these questions too... how do you uniquely position a product or your brand to make it the most dynamic, compelling and appealing to your Ideal Buyer?  The answer to this question is the foundation to your all of your marketing. It must precede all customer touch-points including your brand identity. Everything in your business must flow from your brand strategy.

Your life is full and your days are don't have the time or the wherewithal to learn it all yourself. Believe me, I understand. You are the reason, I do this work. In my heart, I believe entrepreneurs are special people. You are courageous, you are a dreamer and you are smart enough to know when you should get help. The brand audit choices are for the dedicated elite few who are ready to go ALL IN to build a thriving brands doing what they love, from the inside out, and from the ground up. If this is you, click the Yes, I'm Ready button and let's get started. Your brand is worth good marketing.

So, here is the moment of decision, one more opportunity for clarity: Is your brand effectively working for you?

Every brand, large or small in order to thrive must:

Acquire new leads & prospects

Convert these leads into buyers

Get those buyers to buy more

Get those buyers to buy more often

Get those buyers to send referrals

If you are struggling in any of these areas, it's time to evaluate your brand. The strength of your organization is based on the strength of your brand.

Callahan I'm not sure where to start

Choose an audit that is best suited for your organization's needs and goals.

  • DIY audit - Self-paced brand audit with strategy conference
  • Bootcamp audit - DIY with a partner. Work is intense and done remotely over 6-weeks with strategy conference
  • Industry Influencer audit - Comprehensive, hands-on detailed approach at every customer touchpoint over 6-months with implementation strategy
It's time to make a decision. Make it now. Protect your dream and empower your intention.
Thanks Callahan I am ready for my free brand audit in Charlotte

The time is now. 

Andrea Callahan's Industry Influencers Brand Audit
Increase the number of targeted prospects, build deeper relationships with your ideal buyers, increase repeat buyers and dramatically increase your revenue.

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