Industry Influencer Brand Manager

Evolving and empowering brands to stay fresh, relevant, and in the lead.

Your passion. Your story. Your brand.

Break Through the Noise

The most effective way to build your brand is to promise your guests a stellar experience. Keep your customers engaged, serve them with excellence and stay in touch in order to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Brand Identity

The personality of your business and the promise you make to your customers.

Content Engagement

Messages that inform, entertains, encourages and educates to attract & engage buyers.

Digital Footprint

Managing customer and employee touch-points for consistent online identity and message.

Brand Experience

The sensations, feeling, thoughts, and reactions evoked by the brand in all its' environments.

Public Relations

Strategic engagement and communications with your brand and various communities.

Reputation Management

Influence how others perceive your brand by highlighting and exemplifying 5-star reviews.

Is Industry Influencer Brand Management for You?

"YES! Callahan I'm Ready to Get Out Front & Take the Lead." "I do want my brand to represent the heart and soul of my business." I want to achieve...


Clarify what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and who I'm doing it for


Establish my brand values, purpose, vision and goals


Be true to my intrinsic bigger ideals for my brand. 


Define my brands competitive advantages and points of difference


Improve understanding of awareness, attitudes and behaviors of customers


Create loyalty with brand experiences and serve customers with excellence 

What Does Brand Management Do For You?

Our full-service brand management plan functions as the blueprint for building a strong brand equity. Your brand management plan gives your leaders and teams the research, guidelines and strategies to effectively connect and build a rapport with each other and with customers. The ACI agency's primary focus is to make sure everything from your digital footprint, to physical products and human interactions are on brand - exemplifying values, personality, purpose and identity.

Is Industry Influencer Brand Management right for you?


What Makes Our Program So Great

We provide our brand management partners with a dedicated marketing team that includes: designer, copywriter, image and reputation advisor, as well as a marketing manager, who will serve as your point of contact. 

Strategic Planning

Getting to know your brand, inside-out to understand purpose & personality.


Creating synergy between your brand's identity and image.


Deepen and strengthen customer relations with content that resonates.

While you are doing that thing that you love, we will be working in the background maintaining your consistent brand identity. We ensure all of your content, communications, products, events, office/retail are all brand compliant - using your color palette, typography, logo, icon, etc.

Think Industry Influencer

5-Phase Approach for a Dynamic Brand
to Build, Measure and Manage Brand Assets

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Set the intention to position your brand as a leader in the marketplace in the eyes of both your employees and your clients. We begin with a comprehensive brand audit, including a reputation audit and digital footprint analysis. Collecting this research is the preliminary step in the development of a successful brand. The goal is to determine where your brand identity, messaging, and equity is today, identify strengths  and address the areas of need of attention.


The data collected in Phase 1 will serve as the roadmap for building your brand and positioning you as a leader in the marketplace. Together, we creatively merge your assets with your vision to establish you as an Industry Influencer - out front, in the lead, and in control of your brand's identity, messages and relationships.


Together, we translate the strategies crafted in Phase 2 into a brand identity, an image and a personality that attracts your target market. Your brand assets are implemented into messages that speak directly to your Ideal Buyer. Each of these elements together make-up your comprehensive Marketing Communications Program (MCP.) A concurrent, integrated MCP is channeled across all media platforms. Your defined brand identity and business goals will dictate which of these items will be used in your go-to-market strategy.


It's time to launch! You are ready to catapult your brand both internally and externally. A major key performance indicator of successful branding is your internal message that produces your employee's buy-in as well as their emotional attachment to your brand's culture. External brand activities include concurrent, integrated-marketing campaigns - brand identity, advertising, content marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, mobile marketing, social media and public relations.


A deep understanding of the return on your brand investment (ROBI) will begin at the launch of your brand initiative. The data we collect will be measured against the previous data collected and information provided - i.e. generated leads, sales, number of touch points received, channels/platforms used and interaction rates. You will receive your first metrics report three months into your branding campaign, every quarter and an annual report at the end of the project year. As a full-service brand management clients, you will receive monthly stay-in-the-know reports.

Is Your Brand Attracting Customers & Closing Deals?

It's decision time. Ask yourself if you are struggling in any of the following areas...

Acquiring new leads and prospects?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business

Yes or NO?

Converting leads to buyers?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business

yes or no?

Getting those buyers to buy more?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


Getting those buyers to buy more often?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


Getting buyers to send referrals?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


Getting buyers to share & brag about you?

What Industry Influencers must achieve in their business


Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

What do you mean by "holistic brand management?

Simply put, our approach is to meet the need of the entire organization from the inside-out. This includes brand compliant touch-points from your your office, warehouse, website, social, flyers, business cards, to the employee lounge, for examples.

How do I know if this program is right for my business?

The truth is, we don't know. It would be impossible to tell without spending some time getting to know your brand, your unique need as well as the intention for your brand. I can tell you, this program is extremely detailed, we cover every inch of your brand. We get under the hood and in the nooks and crannies of your business. 🙌🏾  For this reason, this program may not be right for every brand. The Industry Influencer Brand Management full service caters to brands who want to stay relevant, get out front and take the lead...and who are excited about making the investment to make this all happen. The necessary investment in time and money is another reason why this program may not be a good fit for many. Together, we decide if we can both be excited about working with each other.

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as you complete the form, you will automatically receive a questionnaire that helps our team get to know your brand. Set aside about 15-minutes or so to complete. Once you submit the form, you will be directed to a scheduling page to meet with a brand manager. Short answer...right away!

What is the timeframe to move through each phase?

It's difficult to say how much time we wills spend on each phase because it varies depending on the size of your organization as well as the stage of your brand. Generally, we agree to work together for 9-18months. In fact, most of our clients sign annual service agreements for our team to do the heavy lifting while they stay focused on doing their thing.  You should know, the Industry Influencer Brand Management program is very detailed so it takes time to develop, implement and launch - then assess, make adjustments and fine-tune, over time.

How much does the program cost?

At the ACI agency, our fees are based on our overall contribution to the value that you derive from the project. While providing you a dramatic ROI is very important to us, so is compensating our team of talented professionals. Callahan, the founder guarantees an experience of excellence to help you feel comfortable in your decision to sign with us. 

By the way, most clients pay a monthly retainer based on the agreed upon scope of services. Although it is not possible to offer you a quote without assessing your business, I can tell you the average brand management client's monthly investment is $3000-$4500.

Will I work directly with Callahan or someone else?

You will have a dedicated team of professionals in various areas to guide you and move you along in the process. Although you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to keep things tidy and on schedule, Callahan is the principal brand manager so she will certainly be a central part of your journey.

I'm not sure about which brand plan

What? How? Still Not Sure?

Before you decide, schedule a personalized brand audit with an ACI brand champion to examine your sources of brand equity. Your brand inventory, will provide a thorough, honest profile of the experience of your audiences.Our team is dedicated to working with your team to turn the business you love into a brand your customer's love.  Click here!

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