How Does Your Brand Connect with Buyers?

Where are your customers getting the valuable information they need to get to know your brand? How are you communicating them to share your message?

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Successful Brands Build Relationships

Content marketing, the process of creating and publishing content that engages your readers to develop mutually beneficial relationships. It positions you to build credibility, trust and authority in your niche. It also "pulls" in new leads interested in the informative you share rather than hard-selling to them by 'pushing" out advertising messages.


Strong brands focus their attention on attracting, engaging and serving customers with excellence.


Strong brands with loyal repeat buyers increase company value with their word-of-mouth referrals.


Strong brands influence customer buying decisions, and command premium pricing.


Strong brands reduce the cost of customer acquisition and thwart of competition.

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Find Out How Content Marketing Works!

Industry Influencer Content Marketing 

An integrated marketing strategy is a critical part of your seamless, consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience. By offering valuable content, your Ideal Buyer will get to know and trust you as an Industry Influencer 

Content Marketing Builds & Maintains a Relationship with Your Target Market

"The brand audit we received was detailed and comprehensive, boy it helped us get our act together."

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Clarissa W.

"I didn't realize how inconsistent my brand identity was until Andrea and her team showed me all the different color reds we were using."

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Jamessa R.

"The bookings in my photography business were declining, I was desperate for options. As it turns out my messaging was confusing."

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Shelia M.

"If you are considering booking a brand audit I advise you to do so, right away. Do not hesitate. Believe me, it's worth every penny."

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The art of communication with your audience without selling. A custom-tailored plan to share your brand story in a way that resonates with them to gain their business and their loyalty.

Your CONTENT is the KEY  Industry Influencers Use to Build Brand Loyalty

High quality and targeted content get results including:


CONTENT marketing


Need More Details? Here Ya Go...

Who will be reading my content?

Think about your target audience? Do you serve more than one audience? For example, we are a B2B agency who primarily serves women who use their own expertise, talent, skills, and special gifts as the core of their business. For this reason, our content on our Industry Influencer Blog, we share content of interest to business owners. Yes, we create content to help entrepreneurs manage their business, market their products and engage their customers, but we also tend to the whole person. We share content that speaks to their personal life, like reducing stress, as well as health and wellness. We believe a happy and healthy person is a better leader so we share leadership and management resources too. Because most of our clients are women, we also share content specifically for women juggling the responsibilities of work, home, family and self. Now, it's your turn, how many audiences will be reading your content? 

How will I know what to share?

Think about the problem you solve for your customers? What benefit do you offer your customers? Are you helping your ideal buyer overcome challenges? What do you offer that improves the life of your customers? Start by sharing content that demonstrates your understanding of their issues. In our agency, we often talk about the overwhelmed business owner who is trying to juggle it all. They are busy doing the thing they do in their business as well as the responsibilities of accounting, human resources, management etc. We then offer to relieve some of that pressure by offering marketing solutions. Further, we also understand many startups initially make their own website, logo and business cards so we offer to create all of the above by professional designers to enhance their brand. Also, due to the time constraints of the business owner, we offer to manage all areas of marketing for brands so they can just focus on growing their business while we do the rest. 

How do I get people to pay attention to our content?

You must first craft a brand that is as unique as you are. There are others in the market place who offer the same or similar products, that may not be able to improved. So, what's your option if you can't make your products better, cheaper or faster? The answer is make your product delivery unique. Stand out by standing out in the marketplace. For example, locally-owned coffee shops that create an experience that sets them a part from the hundreds of other spaces offering a morning cup of joe. Your goal is stop people from scrolling, to pay attention to your content, so you must prove it's worth it. Once you do that, it path to believing your brand is worth buying from becomes clearer.

What channels should I publish on!

First, it is important to understand that you must create content specific for different platforms. You must also note your content must be used in various formats. Begin with understanding the culture of social media properties. Content, engagement and media types vary between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also, videos shared on TikTok and Youtube are very different too. Which platforms does your target market spend the most time? Now, you can take one piece of content, edit and tailor it for each platform. For example, you can take your own media property blog post, chop it for Twitter posts, make short promo video for Instagram, share highlight on Facebook, create an infographic with those same points and share it on Pinterest.

How will you manage all the content and know when to post what?

Everything begins with a content management strategy plan, that includes a content editorial calendar. The content strategy in part, manages content by topic as well as timing. The content calendar helps you easily visualize your brand's message and influence over time. Beginning in January, you may have a winter sale, February, a Valentine campaign, followed by days we celebrate all year long - both formal and informal, like October's Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

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