Verify if your brand stands up to the promises made in your marketing.

Define and Assess Your Brand's Position

Think Industry Influencer audits to verify where your brand stands in the market

Audits to Verify If Your Brand is Influencing Choice in the Market

  • Brand Audit

    A brand audit is effectively a health check of the brand to identify and address areas in your business that need your attention.  A brand analysis gives you the insight to turn things around and grow your bottom line.

  • Reputation Audit

    Your brand is what your customers say it is. Take a honest critical look at what they are saying about your brand online. Verify if you are exemplifying a 5-star reputation and serving your customers with excellence.

  • Digital Footprint Audit

    How would you like to know if your brand is relevant, fresh and in the lead?
    Get a free health-check of your digital presence to find out…

  • Local SEO Audit

    Get insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. This audit helps you understand what is good and where you can improve. Analysis in technical, on-page, off-page, competitive as well as keyword research.

  • 80-Point Marketing Audit

    A checklist that helps display your marketing strategy as well as take a look at the tactics used. See your areas in need of attention and where your marketing mix is exposed and has challenges.

Take a Seat at the ACI Industry Influencer Marketing Table to Get a Laser Focused View of Your Brand's Status

Questions to ask yourself... Is your brand influencing choice in the market? Does your brand message make your offers clear to your team, stakeholders and your customers - and more importantly, does it make clear why that message matters to them? Does your brand help you build a powerful relationship with your Ideal Buyer?

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