How Does Your Brand Connect with Buyers?

Where are your customers getting the valuable information they need to get to know your brand? How are you communicating them to share your message?

Think Industry Influencer

Successful Brands Build Relationships

The process of sending email communications to warm leads of people who are interested in your brand who have also "opted in" to keep in touch. You send regularly scheduled messages to your list in order to build customer loyalty, trust and brand recognition.


Strong brands focus their attention on attracting, engaging and serving customers with excellence.


Strong brands with loyal repeat buyers increase company value with their word-of-mouth referrals.


Strong brands influence customer buying decisions, and command premium pricing.


Strong brands reduce the cost of customer acquisition and thwart of competition.

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Find Out How Email Marketing Works!

Industry Influencer Email Marketing Campaign

An integrated marketing strategy is a critical part of your seamless, consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience. By offering valuable content, your Ideal Buyer will get to know and trust you as an Industry Influencer

The Conversation

Who else does your Ideal Buyer rely on to receive valuable information? If you don't know, you could be missing out on an important opportunity that could ultimately increase brand awareness, sales and yes, your profit margin.
What content can you share that will inform, entertain, inspire, educate and influence your audience?
Sharing valuable content of interest to your customers is a powerful way to position yourself to remain top-of-mind, and their obvious choice.
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The Strategy

In order to position yourself as an Industry Influencer, you must maintain conversations that appeal to your target market; and further engage your Ideal Buyer.
Sending messages that are engaging and purposeful positions your brand as a go-to place for content.  This strategy allows you to become a resource as well as a comfortable space for your customers to spend your time.
Delivering valuable information to your Ideal Buyer serves a natural progression be become a trusted and valuable source thereby making an easier path to share your products without actually, "selling."
Your customer will look forward to hearing from you, they become loyal fans and will share your content freely.

The Why

The Industry Influencer email marketing strategy takes a consistent customer-centric approach. It becomes the gateway for your brand to become influential in your niche.
Start and/or tap into the conversation to learn what matters most to your Ideal Buyer. It helps you connect to your existing and potential customers in deep and meaningful ways.
Sending targeted campaigns that are focused on your customer's interests, needs, wants, pains, concerns, and questions will allow for an emotional connection that may not otherwise be available to your brand.
Email marketing is one of the most important tactics of an overall integrated marketing strategy designed to identify, engage and convert new customers to your brand.

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The Goal

Increase your brand's search visibility on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines
Increase engagement and influence on the largest media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram
Improve the reach of your content so that it connects with your target audience while their researching information related to your industry online
Coordinate content topics and scheduling based on keyword research

The How

The ACI team work closely with brands just like yours to identify what type of content will influence your customers and prospects as well as help you deliver it by email in a strategic and purposeful way.
Integrating your emails campaigns using social, video and other marketing strategies will create a holistic plan of action just right for your business.
Email marketing is not a one-time tactic, it's an on-going strategy that evolves in order for you to build a solid list of subscribers who remain loyal for years to come.
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Email Marketing Builds & Maintains a Relationship with Your Target Market

"The brand audit we received was detailed and comprehensive, boy it helped us get our act together."

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Clarissa W.

"I didn't realize how inconsistent my brand identity was until Andrea and her team showed me all the different color reds we were using."

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Jamessa R.

"The bookings in my photography business were declining, I was desperate for options. As it turns out my messaging was confusing."

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Shelia M.

"If you are considering booking a brand audit I advise you to do so, right away. Do not hesitate. Believe me, it's worth every penny."

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Industry Influencer email marketing campaign

Your EMAIL is the KEY  Industry Influencers Use to Build Brand Loyalty

High quality and targeted email campaigns get results including:

Email copyrighting
Email blasts
Subscriber list management and list-building
Autoresponder management 
A/B testing
Targeted email campaigns
Online newsletter




Need More Details? Here Ya Go...

I heard email is dead? People don't respond to email anymore?

Think email is dead? The truth is that people actually check their email more now than ever before. Long gone are the days when people had to wait until they got home in front of their computers to check their email.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, people today have immediate access to their email no matter where they are. So it helps you take advantage of impulse buying opportunities available when you connect with people when it matters most and where they spend the most time.

In fact, did you know that according to the experts, Email Marketing typically returns $44 for every $1 spent?

… making it arguably one of the most affordable, cost-effective ways to boost sales without breaking your marketing budget.

There’s nothing to print and no postage to pay, so this alone is a major cost-saving compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Not only is it a low entry financial investment, but:

  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail marketing message
  • 67% of marketers say that email is key for attracting prospect, engaging with them, and increasing their marketing ROI


What can I expect?

A well-crafted email marketing plan can change the way you do business.

With a well-executed Email Marketing campaign, you can expect:

  • Low cost-to-conversion margins (higher ROI)
  • Personal, high-quality engagement through high-value content
  • Effective loyalty bonds that turn into long-term relationships with your subscribers
  • Additional exposure as your subscribers forward your emails on to others who may be interested

Email Marketing is a great way to build a list of targeted leads and existing customers to communicate with them quickly and easily on a consistent basis. Email marketing is a critical piece of your overall Engagement Marketing Strategy whose main purpose is to invite and encourage consumers to participate in the evolution of your brand.

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