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    Industry Influencer Marketing Magazine Issue #50

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    How Micro Moments Can Help You Attract New Customers | Pg 3

    Right now, potential customers are online looking for your business. And you might be missing them. Scary thought, isn't it? Let's face it, there's a ton of content out there. It can be hard to find what you're searching for - and if the content you're producing isn't providing what the people in your target audience need when they need it, then, they're likely to end up with one of your competitors. The answer? Micro Moments. I.E. "the Customer Journey." What are they and how can you use them to find new customers? Here's what you need to know on page 3.

    5 Intelligent Ways to Use A.I. to Increase Your Sales | Pg 8

    The robots are coming for our business. Okay, slight exaggeration - but the truth is that in recent years, artificial intelligence has become more sophisticated than ever before. And if programmed and used properly can help you increase your sales, enhance your customers' experience, and manage your business more effectively. We're covering 4 things you can do with artificial intelligence starting right now beginning on page 8.

    The How Much Are Your Customers Worth | Pg 13

    You've got to spend money to make money. That's what they say, right? And yet, for some small business owners, a generous marketing budget just isn't in the cards. But you might be missing one big piece of the marketing puzzle - and that's breaking down how much each customer is worth to you over time, also known as the lifetime customer value (LCV.) Don't know how to calculate the lifetime value of your customers? Here's a simple, five-step process to get to the number you need on page 13 to get you started.

    Why You Should Be Doing SMS Marketing Right Now | Pg 17

    What does your marketing mix include? If you're like most local businesses, you're probably doing a mix of online and offline marketing. But guess what? There's one thing that you're probably not doing that could help you connect with customers when they're most likely to stop by your business. And you might not even have considered it. I'm talking about SMS messaging, more commonly known as text messaging. Text messaging has the potential to be a marketing superstar for your business. To get an idea of just how effective it can be for your business, just keep reading on to page 17.

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