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    Industry Influencer Marketing Magazine Issue #54

    Man reading ACI Industry Influencer Marketing Magazine Issue 54

    Industry Influencer Marketing Magazine Issue #54

    Industry Influencer Marketing Magazine Issue 54 is Ready for You!

    7 Ways You Can Market Your Business Better | Pg 3

    Is your marketing strategy helping you accomplish your goals? I'm willing to bet it isn't - at least not all of them. And, if it's not, that means there are things you could be doing better. The tricky think of course, is figuring  out what those things are. Since you can't count on marketing suggestions knocking on your door, let me help. Here are 7 things you can start doing right now to market your business better.

    Why Your Competitors are Thriving and You're Not | Pg 8

    What are your competitors doing that you don't know about? That might sound like a paranoid question, but it's not. It's a marketing must. If you don't know what your top competitors are up to, you can't beat them. Of course, you can't expect the competition to turn over their secrets to you. But to get a clearer understanding of what you can be doing better, you need to know what your competitors are doing!

    4 Steps to Turn Fans into Brand Ambassadors | Pg 13

    In a perfect world, everyone who buys your products would talk about them to everyone they meet. The problem is, we don't live in a perfect world. And, while some of your customers might be ardent fans, others may need a bit of coaxing to get there. The trick is knowing what makes someone a brand ambassador - and then leading them down the road instead of hoping they'll get there on their own.

    How to Cash In with Snapchat (Local Business Edition)| Pg 18

    Snapchat is just for teens, right? Wrong! While Snapchat isn't as big as Instagram or Facebook, it's still a huge social media site with millions of users. And if your target audience includes Millennials, then you can't afford ignore Snapchat. The trick of course, is knowing if Snapchat is right for your business - an if it is, how you should be using it in your marketing.

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