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How Locally-Owned Brands Use Mobile Websites to Attract, Build & Maintain New Relationships 

Business listings make it easier for your customers to find your business. They are the starting point for a potential customer to connect with you. The Locally-Owned Brand's Guide to Mobile Websites will help you take control of your business visibility.

Local Brand's Guide to Mobile Websites

Grab My Complimentary "The Locally-Owned Brand's Guide to Mobile Websites" Special Report to Discover How You Optimize Your Visibility

I'd like to share with you how Industry Influencers implement and maximize mobile websites - so users can access your website on their mobile devices with ease. This enriched browser experience for your visitors will make your content both easier to read but also easier to share!

Be Found

Step 1

Help your potential customers connect with you in order to build meaningful relationship with "near me" searches.

Social Traffic

Step 1

Give your customers a space to share their experience with your brand to and from your social platforms.

Convenience Tools

Step 3

Make it easy for your customers to make contact with you with click-to-call and click-for-directions tools.

Mobile Shopping

Step 4

Customers are busy, they want to make appointments, buy a product, or reserve services on their mobile.


Many customers say they found our flower shop because they did a Google search. One customer told me that she ordered from us because we had a way for her to place the order from her phone. 

Jenna White

Jenna's Floral Creations

Andrea Callahan branding for Industry Influencers

Andrea A. Callahan

Principal Brand Manager

A Note from the Author

I am committed to brands who are working everyday to serve local communities because they are the heartbeat of our lives. Local brands fuel innovation, ingenuity and service to our families. Local brands provide jobs and economic prosperity for schools, non-profits and public spaces. Locally-owned brands build strong communities by supporting causes and organizations that are important to its' neighbors.

Everyday I send messages to locally owned brands to inspire, teach and assist them on their journey to personal achievement and professional success. May I invite you join my squad of Industry Influencers so my team and I can support you.

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