Attention brands who are looking to locate their target market, connect with their Ideal Buyers to build deeper more meaningful relationships; in order to share their WHY with the world.

How Industry Influencers Build a Squad of Loyal Customers

Identify your voice! Your print collateral communicates values, mission and a purpose that is uniquely yours. Share Your WHY, helps you take that voice to build brand awareness and increase revenue.

Maximizing Your Story to Build a Thriving Brand

Print Assets! Your print collateral marketing strategy will tell your story in a creative and meaningful way. Events, product launches, big client meetings and seasonal promotions will be brilliant within your integrated marketing campaigns.

What Do You Do When You Want to Share Your Passion, Your Experience & Your Expertise?

How do you share your message with the world? How do you start a movement? How do you inspire others into action? How do you get others to follow your lead?

What's My Why and How Do I Share It?

Let's start here...

Meet Healthy Harriet

Healthy Harriet is a fitness guru and healthy living expert. She is a breast cancer survivor. She believes that physical fitness, healthy food and drinks choices are the key to fighting illness.

Harriet owns a juice bar and cafe. She shares her passion on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. She shares daily recipes, fitness tips and inspirational quotes to help motivate her followers. Harriet is passionate about health and wellness.

Harriet wants to expand her reach. She wants to be seen as an expert in her field. Harriet wants to share her knowledge with more people. She is excited about creating a movement of healthy living and overall wellness. Ultimately, Harriet would like to bring more visitors to her cafe and one day she'd like to have an e-commerce platform to highlight her new workout gear.

Industry Influencer print collateral designs juice bar header

What's Harriet Message & How Does She Share It to Grow Her Community?

Healthy Harriet can use her fitness skills and healthy-living knowledge to attract an interested audience. As a breast cancer survivor, Harriet desires to become an inspiration for women who are also fighting the disease. Her intention is to attract people who want to eat healthier and get in shape. Harriet works to attract an audience wanting to know more about physical fitness and healthy food and drinks choices. Here are a few tangible ways Harriet can package and market her expertise:

  • Book of recipes
  • Journal to document fitness and eating habits
  • "How to" Report teaching others how to implement a healthy lifestyle
  • eBook sharing her journey through cancer and healthy living
  • White paper on correlation between healthy eating and good health

Harriet wants to pass out material to the customers visiting her juice bar and cafe. She is also interested in selling her books during her Organic Juicing class. Harriet continues engagement as she shares her passion on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Her audience looks forward to her daily recipes, fitness tips and inspirational quotes. As Harriet grows her audience, she is learning her book is a good asset to help her build trust. Harriet is turning her passionate for health and wellness into a revenue stream that will continue to increase as her brand grows.

The result:

As Harriet expands her reach she is being seen as an expert in her field. She is sharing her knowledge with a greater audience. She is even more excited about creating a movement of healthy living and overall wellness. Ultimately, Harriet brings more visitors to her cafe and she now has an audience to invite to her new website where she sells organic freeze-dried healthy ingredients.

Increased Brand awareness + Repeat loyal customers = Brand equity.

What's your why? What's your passion? What's your expertise? What's that thing that you do, very well? What do you want to share with the world?

The next questions are how do you get your message to a larger audience? How do you get people to like and follow you? How do you build credibility? How can you ensure people can trust you and your ability to improve their lives? How do you build a brand doing what you love?

Share Your WHY

How Sharing Your Expertise will Build Your Brand

  • Attraction

    How to stand out from the crowd to get the attention of your target market?

  • Connection

    How to craft a message that resonates, inspires and moves your Ideal Buyer?

  • The Relationship

    How to get to know your Ideal Buyer in deeper and more meaningful ways.

  • Mission

    How to make people excited to become a part of your movement

  • Vision

    How to create a powerful brand that people both emotionally recognize and identify.

  • Understanding

    Using the power of marketing psychology to know your customer’s true need & desire.

  • Content

    How to deliver true value to your audience so you can stay top-of-mind and relevant.

  • Digital Footprint

    How your content can make the most of your online presence – social connections.

Content Marketing attracts interest in your products & services.

Andrea Callahan International ebook and book design

Purpose 1: Increase brand awareness

Purpose 2: Produce targeted leads

Purpose 3: Generate buzz and excitement for your followers

Purpose 4: Share your dream and exemplify your WHY

Purpose 5: Establish yourself as an expert

Purpose 6: Differentiate yourself from competition

Purpose 7: Marketing messages forge emotional connection

Purpose 8: Reinforce positive public image & brand message

Purpose 9: Accelerate sales pipeline

Purpose 10: Generate passive income stream

Use ebooks, books, journals, fact-sheets, white-papers, and reports to market your brand

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Create content that attracts & engages your target market.

Exemplify Your Authority

Share your experience and expertise to establish yourself as an Industry Influencer

Image is Everything

Reinforce your brand identity with your book's color palette, typography and personality.

Increase Revenue

Sell your ebook or book on website, in your place of business or on Amazon & other booksellers to raise your bottom-line.

Are you ready to join a tribe of Industry Influencers who are ready to take the lead?

ACI ebook and book design to increase sales

It's Time to Take Your Place as an Industry Influencer

Share Your WHY

Consumers have evolved. They both embrace and expect a brand experience. It's your job to share your vision, exemplify your mission, establish effective processes and procedures for building those experiences.

Make your WHY transparent to connect with your Ideal Buyer.

~Andrea Callahan

A Message from Andrea Callahan about your dream...

You've got challenges...I know very well.  You have a dream, a passion and a real plan to build a successful brand. For some reason, it is just not "taking off" like you hoped. You may have a few clients but paying customers are inconsistent. You may be like the many business owners I talk to everyday about the perpetual "feast or famine" space. One minute you're on top of the world, you are headed toward massive success, the next minute if feels like you can't catch a break. Sounds familiar?

It's overwhelming...Although it takes great courage to step out on faith to build a brand, many entrepreneurs lack confidence so they manage their business in fear. Many report they feel isolated and overwhelmed with the demands of owning a business. Every decision, all of the responsibility, all of the risk and for many, it feels like all of the work is all on them.

Slow performance and stagnant revenue growth can kill the spirit of a brand.

Your brand is important to you. Your dream is as essential as breathing. The thought of giving up and closing the doors is heartbreaking. The fire inside of you to succeed is burning. You just have to make it! I understand exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about ACI. That is why my team and I are dedicated to helping passion and purpose-driven entrepreneurs just like you. We are here to help your brand get noticed, stay relevant and in the lead.

Your brand is the heart-and-soul of your company. Be determined to share you WHY.

Start Building a Passionate Loyal Audience

Your skills, experience and expertise are the window to your brand's soul. It exemplifies your passion and purpose. Your images verify your identity. If your content entertains, educates and/or inspires your audience, they will respond positively. A thoughtful book launch will place you directly in front of your target market.  A purposeful marketing strategy will attract your target market. Your flyers, post cards and posters will exemplify your brand style. Your message will attract and connect with your Ideal Buyer.  Sharing your experience keep them engaged.

It's your time to shine. It's your space to claim. Get out front. Take the lead and grow your brand.

We are ready and waiting to start your journey to becoming an Industry Influencer.

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