We’ll build you a stunning custom website that captivates visitors and ensures their experience is a memorable one. And thanks to our advanced tools and development team, we keep your site up to date with the latest SEO and mobile strategies, which means YOUR IDEAL BUYER can easily find your business in local search.

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Non-managed basic websites


The mobile revolution is in full swing, and if you haven’t gotten on board, your business is suffering. Both search engines and customers demand mobile-friendly sites—Google now ranks them higher than their desktop-only counterparts.

Did you know 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to do their shopping (comScore), so you need to make sure that you’re giving them the best browsing experience possible.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing online visibility (not to mention customers) at an alarming rate. Contact us today and we’ll get you back in the game in no time.


    A mobile website looks good on mobile devices. While responsive website design allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen it is being viewed on.


    Without the expense and saving the valuable resource of your time, you can get back to doing what really matters – managing and growing your business.


    The ‘user focused’ experience, and high-quality content could increase your dwell time. Thereby making customers take a deeper look and visit longer.


You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

What does a Standard 5-Page Unmanaged Website include?

You can choose 5 pages to represent your business: Home, About Us, Products and/or Services, Map, Directions, Contact Us,  and a Thank You page – appear after an inquiry is submitted.

We customize your brand identity – color palette, typography, photos, logo and other artwork on your website.

  • Search engine friendly custom website
  • Optional blog page (entries included)
  • Up to 15 photos; image uploads included
  • Necessary text changes

What's included in the Managed Website?

Maintenance of Standard 5 page site include:

Standard 5-7 page site includes:

  • Unlimited text changes to existing content
  • Up to 15 image changes per moth to existing images

All sites are hosted with ACI and include:

  • daily backups
  • manage WordPress hosting
  • built in reporting
  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • virus

Note: You can use your hosting provider for existing websites. Under these circumstances, your service will not include server or hosting troubleshooting or maintenance.

Are there sample designs I can choose from?

Sure! Here are some of the layouts that are available to choose from. Of course, your website will be as unique as your passion and purpose business. Click here for samples.

What should I expect to make sure the project is a success?

In any relationship, open and honest communication is key. For our team to serve you with excellence we will need a few things from your team:

  • Provide images, text and other content as requested – in a timely manner
  • Provide sample websites (likes or dislikes) or other design direction during Start-Up call. Or choose from our layout samples here that inspire you or our Take a Tour sites.
  • Choose color palette or core colors for brand identity.
  • Communicate efficiently through established channels with dedicated brand manager to keep the project on track the meet the set deadlines.

Our business is to serve your business with excellence, please let us know if you have questions, concerns or delight!

What does the timeline look like for this project?

  1. Initial Start-Up Call: 3-5 Business Days: Our web development team will do a strategy call with decision makers to gather additional information necessary for set up.
  2. First Mock: 15 Business Days: Your dedicated web designer will create a template mockup, which includes your brand identity – your chosen color scheme, typography, logo, and images will be sent for your approval. You are encouraged to send one round of revisions if necessary.
  3. Second Mock: 13-25 Business Days: After approval of first mockup, we will build out the site and populate it with industry-specific content. We will also provide industry-specific images if none have been submitted. One round of revisions is acceptable at this time.
  4. Site Publication: 20-25 Business Days: After the deliverable have been submitted, we will complete the look and feel of your site including optimized tasks. We will ensure your new website speaks to your brand’s personality and exemplifies your passion and purpose. For our brand management clients, at this point we implement the brand launch along with your social media, press release and public relations campaign(s). Click here for more on our holistic brand management services.


  • The production timeline will be adjusted in cases where additional pages, products, or custom billable hours are added to project.
  • It is essential to have a direct contact with key decision maker via email and/or phone to ensure we deliver on the set up timeline.
  • Project management, timeline and deadlines vary based on you or your team’s responsiveness.

Can I use and existing domain or what if I don't have one?

One of our website experts will walk you through the process of redirecting your existing domain to your new website if would like us to manage it. Your brand manager will secure a new domain if you don’t already own one – and you retain ownership of the domain.

What is the turnaround for monthly changes (images and text)?

As long as you submit changes as directed the general turn around for changes to your website is within five business days. We request up to 10 days during typical high volume sales and holiday seasons.

Can I see some of the sample site your team has built?

For sure! Get inspired. Click here to take a tour. 

Is e-commerce available with this package?

Do to the complexity of e-commerce web designs, we can only offer on Advanced 10-Page Site packages and up.

Also, if you would like us to manage product updates, marketing products or tracking sales, we would serve you well as one of our elite brand management clients.

What is a non-managed website?

There are actually 3 levels of service in our web design department. Unmanaged, Managed and Fully-managed

A non-managed website is one that we do not provide the hosting and/or around the clock maintenance or regular updates. Managed is when we take of a few regular details for your website, from web design to taking care of content creation for monthly blog, product update for examples.

The clearest way to understand the difference is unmanaged websites are design and built with one single fee. Managed websites are standard with monthly retainer clients who have another service, like social media or reputation management.

Fully-managed is when we provide, hosting, design, maintenance, upgrades and everything needed to keep your site up, running and attracting your Ideal Buyer. This is reserved for our elite brand management clients. Here are samples of custom-designed fully-managed web designs

Are there any hidden fees?

There will never be an surprise charges. The scope our work is agreed upon ahead of time. The only fees not outlined here are those special interest features like, virtual tour, portfolio, adding a blog, or photo carousal, special images, creating video, for examples.

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